Education will be one of the main focuses of Beth’s campaign. She believes that many of the biggest issues facing our state and country today: economic inequality, drug addiction, the cycle of poverty, incarceration, and lack of life-sustaining jobs, can all be prevented with a better education system in place. She believes that getting students more involved with their learning communities and other extracurricular school activities can be a big help in making students feel confident and increasing their self-worth, which in turn, can help keep them safe and away from drugs, alcohol, violence and other issues effecting our youth today.

Beth plans to tackle the unconstitutional education system that has remained unsolved in Ohio for more than 20 years. She plans to fight for an equitable funding system, more educational and pro-health resources for students, minimal testing for students, a better evaluation system for teachers and continued representation for teachers through their union, and the OEA. She will fight against for-profit charter schools and any voucher system that takes money away from public schools and anything else that will weaken our school systems.