I wanted to send a few campaign updates.

I’ve been trying to reach out to my rural voters. I know that the rural vote will be the key to a 2020 victory. For example in Ross County in 2018, I was the winner in the city precincts; however, I did not win in one rural precinct (although I was close in several). I interviewed with the Farm Bureau to receive their endorsement and I thought I had a good chance because I fully believe in conservation. I love our farmland, our forests and our clean waterways and I want to pass them on to our children. However they decided to give it to my opponent, whose only interest in farmland is building on it. If you haven’t been up Rt. 104 lately, you’ll be surprised to see how much farmland is being turned into new subdivisions. This was a disappointment for me.

However, I soon after received a notice from Ross County Soil and Water about their upcoming election for a board member. I thought that this would be another way for me to work on local conservation efforts. With the Co-Vid pandemic, I feel that more and more people are becoming interested in conservation. And I want to be a part of these efforts.

My guess is that a lot of people don’t vote in this election and I was hoping that if you all vote in the election, we might be able to secure a spot for me on the board. We need to show the farmers that we want to work with them to preserve our farmland, forests, and waterways.

Thank you in advance if you are willing to help me (and our environment) with this election. I’m including information about the election and information about the Board of Supervisors Candidates. You can also visit  the Ross County Soil and Water Conservation District’s website at www.rosscountyswcd.org for more information and to request a ballot. 

Best regards,

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