By Beth Workman

I was very happy to sit next to Judge Terri Jamison yesterday at the 3rd Friday Democratic luncheon at the Boathouse. She attended our Ross County Women’s March last January. It was a miserable, cold day and a major snow storm was predicted; but she came anyway. It’s needless to say that she goes out of her way to support women! 

It was my first time to attend one of these luncheons. I decided to go because the topic of the day was labor and politics. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was when one of the speakers stood up, in a room full of Democrats, and endorsed my opponent. I think this is why labor unions sometimes get a bad name. This man cared only for the good of his union, not the common good. “His man”, if elected, will sit in Columbus and vote against women, against poor people, against affordable healthcare, against everything except what his marionette leaders insist that he vote for. It’s called “being bought and paid for”.

Thanks to my friend Jack Burgess who stood up to tell everyone in attendance that my opponent is a Republican. It’s funny that the union leader didn’t point mention that. He also didn’t point out that “his man” was also a Democrat until 2016. Once again, these men are only interested in advancing their own agendas. And if that means you change party, you change party. And if that means you support someone from the opposing party, you do that too. 

If elected, I promise to work for the Common Good. I promise to “Work For All” not just for people and things that advance my agenda. This is what is wrong with politics today. For many, it’s about how being a legislator can improve, empower and enrich their lives. For me, it’s about what I can do to improve your life. I promise to be true to myself and true to you.

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