By Beth Workman

“Go Blue” isn’t what we normally say in OSU land. But it was very appropriate last night at “Back to Blue with Beth”. Many thanks to Gov. Strickland for his inspiring words and glowing endorsment. Thanks to Rep. Adam Miller for coming to Chillicothe to show Appalachia folks that Columbus cares about us. And thanks to Aryeh Alex, the new executive director of the Ohio Democratic House Caucus, for showing his belief in the Appalachia candidates: Beth Workman in District 92 and Scott Dailey in District 91. And most importantly, thanks to everyone who attended this wonderful event and to those who made a donation but couldn’t attend. It was a great fundraiser; we were able to raise almost $12,000. This is an awesome start! And finally, thanks as well to those who were there in spirit: those who told me when I called them that they couldn’t come but would be voting for me. As Gov. Strickland said last night, “When Democrats vote, Democrats win.”

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