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If you’re tired of the seemingly constant and unproductive back and forth bickering involved in political partisanship, there’s now a chapter of a group set up in Ross County meant to bring members of opposing parties together to find common ground. That group is known as Better Angels, and David Lapp is one of the group’s co-founders.

“Better Angels is a nationwide group of conservatives and liberals and everyone in between,” said Lapp. “We’re committed to finding common ground, clarifying disagreements and building relationships with each other. We’re working toward political depolarization.”

Lapp said its common for members of the nation’s different political parties to view their opponents as their enemies, and that they need to do everything they can to defeat their enemies. Lapp said Better Angels takes a different approach.

“We are seeking something a little bit different,” said Lapp. “We hold to our own views in this group but we also want to find where there is common ground and above all stand for the idea that we do not have to be enemies, but friends. And we can work together to form a more perfect union.”

Beth Workman is also part of Better Angels. She said after witnessing the ongoing level of political discourse, she, along with the help of others, decided to bring a Better Angels chapter to the Ross County area.

I feel like a lot of people were in the same boat as I was, feeling very anxious and depressed about what’s happening in our country,” said Workman. “I went to Cleveland and I attended one these workshops. It was already full so I didn’t participate in the workshop but I watched what was happening in the workshop and I came home feeling excited and wanting to be a part of a workshop myself, and also wanting to bring this group to Chillicothe and see if might be something that people in Chillicothe want to be a part of.”

Beth says if you’re interested in becoming part of Better Angels, or just curious to see what it’s all about, the local Better Angels chapter will be hosting an informational meeting this Tuesday, June 4th at 6:00 p.m. It takes place at the Northside Branch of the Chillicothe Ross County Public Library.

If you’d like more information about Better Angels ahead of Tuesday’s meeting, you can visit the Better Angels website HERE.

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