Letter to the Editor, Circleville Herald 

A dark money Super PAC out of Virginia, “American Jobs and Growth PAC”, has been spending thousands of dollars in support of the current incumbent, by mailing absurd lies and misleading attack ads against Beth Workman, candidate for Ohio House District 92. These ads use disgraceful fearmongering to outrageously declare Workman to be the likes of a drug czar, claiming “kilos of cocaine could start flowing into Ohio” if she is elected, and calling her an “embarrassment to Ohio”.

“But why stop at kilos? If they’re going to tell obvious lies, why not go all out and claim I’m personally driving entire trucks full of drugs between visits to see my grandkids? Both tall tales are equally laughable”, commented Workman.

Beth Workman is a wife, mother, grandmother and an educator, certainly not an embarrassment to Ohio. Workman dedicated herself to raising four thoughtful, successful children and cherishes time spent with her three delightful grandchildren. Beth is also a dedicated teacher, having spent sixteen years in the Paint Valley Local Schools in Ross County. Workman first taught fourth grade, then, with a Master’s Degree in Teaching Science from Montana State University, went on to teach junior high science. Through her solutions to current educational issues and needs, Beth has also earned the endorsement of the Ohio Education Association. Workman has experienced firsthand the struggles of everyday families and fellow educators.

All the while, the current incumbent has sat back and done nothing to stop the flow of out of state money or lies, much the same as he has done the past six years in office, as the opioid crisis reached critic levels in Ohio. “The fact that the Republican Party has sunk to these tactics tells us that our message is resonating with voters. Our campaign is about putting people first. It’s time for leaders who prioritize education, healthcare access and good-paying jobs. It’s time to send real people to the Statehouse to represent their neighbors” said Workman in response to the blatantly false ads.

Beth Workman is passionate about the needs of this district and cares deeply about the economic needs as well as education and safe, accessible healthcare. Beth has a focus on bringing well-paying jobs back to the area, keeping in mind that Fayette County is home to the state’s mega-site, which still sits empty. Workman knows this site could entice several new businesses and much needed new jobs to the county, and is willing to do the work.

Beth Workman feels this is not just her journey, but everyone’s journey to have a voice in the State House of Representatives. Beth is a real voice that represents real, everyday people from southern Ohio. Her campaign has stayed positive and focused on the issues that matter to Democrats and Republicans alike. While the Republican incumbent has relied on millionaire donors and out of state dark money and lies, Beth Workman has visited over 8,000 homes to discuss her message and genuinely listen to the concerns of the people. This incumbent “doesn’t just get to slide into re-election anymore, and this smear campaign only pushes us to work even harder,” stated Beth Workman.

Dai Parsons
Washington C.H., OH

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