By Dylan Page – Guest Columnist, Record Herald 

A Virginian Super PAC by the name of “American Jobs and Growth PAC” and the Ohio Republican Party have now spent thousands of dollars in campaign smear mailers against Beth Workman. They label her as practically a Cocaine Queen, allowing “kilos of cocaine” to flood into Ohio and an “embarrassment.” First, has the opioid epidemic improved? Are there not already kilos here? The problem has been exacerbated by the political inaction of current incumbents, not by the woman trying to fix it.

Furthermore, a woman that has dedicated her life to educating others and her community is not an embarrassment. She believes in: creating a system that helps the addicted and punishes the drug dealers and traffickers; helping the working class and neglected, not packing the wallets of fellow millionaire friends; working with insurance companies to get affordable healthcare to all in House District 92; and reforming our broken education system.

“The fact that the Republican Party has sunk[en] to these tactics tells us that our message is resonating with voters. Our campaign is about putting people first. It’s time for leaders who prioritize education, healthcare access, and good-paying jobs. It’s time to send real people to the Statehouse to represent their neighbors,” stated Mrs. Workman.

Tactics that date back to the Southern Strategy’s “law and order” and fearmongering campaign. Fellow Fayette Countians, we must reject these lies that have been compounded against Mrs. Workman.

Growing up in a family of educators, the love, respect, and passion for education was instilled in Beth at a very young age. Following in her family’s footsteps, Beth decided to pursue her dream of becoming an educator and making a difference in the world by receiving her degree in elementary education from Ohio University. She spent 16 years teaching full-time, first as a fourth-grade teacher, then a junior high science teacher at Paint Valley Local Schools in Ross County.

During that time, Beth completed her master’s degree in science in the teaching of science from Montana State University. She was also a member of the Ohio Education Association. For the last year, Beth has been substitute teaching for the Educational Service Center of Central Ohio. Therefore, Mrs. Workman’s record could not be more impeccable. She loves this district, this state and this country, and cares very deeply about our future. A future of economic and social mobility for all by bringing back well-paying jobs.

Fayette County is home to the state’s mega-site. It has sat empty for nearly two decades now. Rest assured, it’s Mrs. Workman’s priority to get well-paying jobs into this district, an objective that has been disregarded by current leadership.

“Gary Scherer doesn’t just get to slide into re-election anymore, and this smear campaign only pushes us to work even harder,” stated Mrs. Workman.

This is not just Beth’s journey, this is everyone’s journey. And together, we can all make a better, brighter and safer tomorrow for our children, grandchildren, and the future generations to come. We ask for your support based upon our accomplishment of meeting over 8,000 households over the past few months and listening to your concerns. We believe in you, not in some Super PAC from Virginia.

Dylan L. Page is currently a Political Science and Economics major at The Ohio State University. He is an active member in OSU College Dems, a central committeeman on the Executive Committee of the Fayette County Democratic Party, Media Coordinator of the Workman Campaign, and an Eagle Scout.

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