My opponent is taking money from out-of-state super PACs to spread lies about me that are both outrageous and absurd. I released the following statement below in response to these ads. My grassroots campaign is only trying to represent the honest and hardworking people of Ohio and the constituents from my district. Please help me fight back and donate to my campaign! We need your contributions now more than ever! Donate here today!

CHILLICOTHE – Beth Workman, candidate for Ohio House in District 92, released the following statement responding to outrageous attack ads paid for by “American Jobs and Growth PAC,” a dark money group supporting her opponent, incumbent Republican State Rep. Gary Scherer:

“An out-of-state dark money group supporting my opponent is paying for ads claiming that ‘kilos of cocaine could start flooding into Ohio’ if I’m elected,” said Workman. “The fact that the Republican Party has sunk to these tactics tells us that our message is resonating with voters. Our campaign is about putting people first. It’s time for leaders who prioritize education, healthcare access and good-paying jobs. It’s time to send real people to the Statehouse to represent their neighbors.”

“But why stop at kilos? If they’re going to tell obvious lies, why not go all out and claim I’m personally driving entire trucks full of drugs between visits to see my grandkids? Both tall tales are equally laughable.”

“Gary Scherer doesn’t just get to slide into re-election anymore, and this smear campaign only pushes us to work even harder.”

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