Chillicothe Gazette – Letter to the Editor

I am Beth Workman and I am running for the Ohio House of Representatives District 92. I want to see all of Fayette, Ross and Pickaway counties better represented at the State House in Columbus.

I was a teacher at Paint Valley in Ross County and subbed in Franklin County.

I want to make sure that the schools in District 92 get their fair share of funding. Did you know that the way our schools are funded has been declared unconstitutional 4 times in Ohio?

You may want to check out the voting record of my opponent, and learn that he has a history of supporting the “so called not for profit” online charter schools, that have not been held accountable, until the ECOT scandal. Some districts in our area have lost $1 million to charter schools. Look up your school district to see how much your school district has lost and you will understand why the schools are having a hard time. It’s time to get new leadership that will represent you and your family not party or special interest groups.

I am a firm believer in representing all of the people in District 92 in Ross, Pickaway and Fayette, and making sure that our zip code does dictate excellent education for all. You deserve a Representative at the State House that will vote for you.

I am hoping you will consider me when you cast your vote on November 6th.

Beth Workman


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