Hello! I wanted to give you all an update on our campaign. We are working very hard at trying to meet our voters at their doors. We are up to almost 9,000 voter contacts! And I personally just passed the 5,500 mark, over halfway to my goal of 10,000.

However, we have recently realized that our rural precincts are not going to get fully covered and time is running out. I’m hoping that some of you might be willing to help us write postcards to these rural voters. Please let me know if you are willing to help with these postcards. I will bring you a registered voter list, postcards, and stamps.┬áIf you have wanted to help with the campaign, but didn’t want to canvass, post carding is a great way to help us out.

Additionally, please let me know if you have a great placement idea for a yard sign, both big and small. Or if you would be willing to put a campaign sign in your yard. We need to get our signs out there for everyone to see!

If you are interested in assisting with post cards or if you are willing to put a sign in your yard, please contact me here.

Thank you!




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