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June 3, 2019

Ross County Better Angels to Help Combat Political Polarization

WKKJ Listen to “Beth Workman & David Lapp promote "Better Angels" approach to political civility” on Spreaker. If you’re tired of the seemingly constant and unproductive back and forth bickering involved in political partisanship, there’s now a chapter of a group set up in Ross County meant to bring members of opposing parties together to find common ground. That group …

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June 2, 2019

Bringing Together Both Sides of the Political Spectrum

Beth Workman, Chillicothe Gazette Have you found yourself feeling out of sorts since the 2016 election? I spent a year trying to find an outlet for my discontent. With no solution in sight, I jumped with both feet into the political arena. Although this kept me busy for almost 9 months, the feelings of discontent did not disappear after the election. My husband asks …

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January 25, 2019

Women’s Wave Rolled Through Chillicothe

Thanks to all of the wonderful women (and men) who turned out for the Ross County Women’s March. Thanks also to all of the women who helped to plan this event. And thanks to all of the speakers who opened up and shared their experiences, thoughts, hopes and fears with all of us. It’s never easy to speak in front …

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